We CARE to make a difference

Our Vision is to build a specialty pharmaceutical company that enhances the lives of our patients, provides challenging and rewarding opportunities for our employees, and creates outstanding value for our customers and stockholders

Our Vision is driven by nearly 900 passionate colleagues, who are actively engaged in ensuring our company’s commitment to success, quality and integrity. A dynamic culture of CAREing inspires and empowers our colleagues to contribute, in a work environment where making a difference is valued.

Our CARE Values

Our values are expressed in a simple, yet meaningful acronym: CARE

Collaboration – We work as a team to exchange perspectives and overcome boundaries to achieve the best results.

Accountability – We deliver on all our commitments and take personal responsibility for all of our outcomes.

Respect – We respect all members of our community and the rules that govern our activities.

Excellence – We focus on quality and driving continuous improvement to deliver sustainable results.

Together, we are growing and reshaping our company, delivering quality products for patients and making a difference in key social initiatives in our communities and across the company.