An Expanding Product Portfolio

Impax’s ongoing strategy to invest in R&D and to develop high-value opportunities should continue to provide the potential for growth in the future.

Our Products

We operate in two segments, referred to as Impax Generics and Impax Specialty Pharma. Impax Generics concentrates its efforts on generic products, which are the pharmaceutical and therapeutic equivalents of brand-name drug products and are usually marketed under their established nonproprietary drug names rather than by a brand name. Impax Specialty Pharma utilizes its specialty sales force to market proprietary branded pharmaceutical products for the treatment of Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders and other select specialty segments.

Within our Generics Division, we market:

We currently market over 70 generic products including, but are not limited to, budesonide inhalation suspension, epinephrine auto-injector ( (generic to Adrenaclick®), fenofibrate, mixed amphetamine salts and oxymorphone hydrochloride.

Impax currently markets its generic products under several labels including Impax, Global Pharmaceuticals, Core Pharmaceuticals and Lineage Therapeutics.

A list of our currently marketed generic products can be found by visiting:

Global Pharmaceuticals
Core Pharmaceuticals
Lineage Therapeutics

Within our Specialty Pharma Division, we market:

Treatments for CNS Disorders


Other Specialty Products