Our Two Corporate Divisions

We have two platforms that offer the right balance for future growth. Our vision is to target key areas of growth that reflect both our internal strengths, and a strong market, treatment or product need.

Our Generics Division

In the generic pharmaceuticals market, we utilize our core competency in drug delivery expertise and formulation development to target high-value solid oral and alternative dosage form (ADF) ANDAs that are difficult to develop and that bring sustainable profitability. This includes products with the potential for six months of exclusivity for being first-to-file or products that are difficult to develop. Externally, we are aggressively looking at Strategic Alliances and Collaboration Agreements, as well as opportunities to acquire products, technologies or companies with strategic value mainly in the alternative dosage area, such as injectables, creams and ointments, inhalers or patches.

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Specialty Pharma Division

In the brand name pharmaceuticals market, we are focused on internally developing Central Nervous System (CNS) disorder products where we can deliver meaningful patient benefits and develop strong intellectual property positions. We believe the successful development of our brand business is critical to our future growth as brand products provide longer product life cycles with the potential for higher profits. Our strategic initiatives for growth include continuing our internal R&D focus on neurology by building a strong pipeline. In addition, we are searching for external growth opportunities through partnerships and M&A in CNS.

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