Partnering for Success

Impax believes in finding the best science and treatment options for patients, whether that resides in an academic institution, large pharmaceutical R & D group or a small startup company. In support of this belief, Impax welcomes partnering opportunities that are complementary to or supportive of our business strategies. For us, every deal is unique and each partner brings specific business objectives to the collaboration.  Impax embraces these challenges and takes a flexible and creative approach to constructing mutually beneficial agreements. We believe that positive relationship management is a critical component of any transaction. That’s why the Impax Corporate Development and Strategy team stays engaged every step of the way, creating the foundation for successful partnerships and future collaborations.

We have demonstrated our approach and capabilities through numerous partnerships.

Impax Strategy Has a Two-Fold Approach

Impax operates a generics and branded pharmaceuticals business. Both divisions seek opportunities that match our business development strategy of driving success by leveraging our technologies and formulation expertise and expanding our product offerings and distribution network. We believe that we have the research and development expertise, commercial infrastructure and significant experience in successfully litigating Paragraph IV patent certifications to deliver quality generic medications that provide affordable alternatives to caregivers and patients. Central to our mission is focusing on difficult to formulate and manufacture ANDAs and first-to-file and first-to-market opportunities.

For our Specialty Pharma division, Impax’s branded pharmaceutical business, a core component of our strategy includes identifying proprietary and innovative branded pharmaceutical products to treat CNS and pediatric disorders.

Meet the Impax Corporate Development and Strategy Team

Impax’s Corporate Development and Strategy team is steeped in scientific, financial, analytical and integration knowledge, bringing a broad range of expertise to develop flexible, innovative transactions. We have a proven track record in structuring deals that include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Co-promotion agreements
  • Co-development partnerships
  • Distribution partnerships
  • Licensing agreements
  • OTC partner alliance agreements

If you are looking to partner with Impax, please reach out to us today.